Genealogical history of Hudson and Bergen counties, New Jersey

Biography of Abram I. Auryansen of Bergen County

Abram I. Auryansen, of Hackensack, whose career as a locomotive engineer dates from 1852, is the son of John and Elizabeth (Auryansen) Auryansen, and was born in Closter, Bergen County, N. J., April 5, 1822. His first American ancestor was Lambert Arianse, who came from Holland to America in 1682, and became one of the original patentees of the Tappan patent. Most of his descendants adopted the name of Smith and are scattered principally throughout Rockland County, N. Y. Lambert Arianse (or Auryansen) married in New York, in April, 1682, Margaretta Gerrets Blawvelt, a daughter of another of the Tappan patentees, and resided in Rockland County. Two of his sons, John and Arie (Aaron), who married respectively Margaretta Meyers and Cornelia Naugle, settled near Closter, Bergen County, N. J. The subject of this sketch is descended from Arie (Aaron) Auryansen and Cornelia Naugle, who had children John, Resolvent, Vroutie, Garret, Ann, and Maria. Mr. Auryansen’s paternal grandparents were Daniel and Tiny (Cole) Auryansen, Daniel being a son of John Auryansen. His maternal grandparents were Garrett and Elleanor (Van Valen) Auryansen and his great-great-grandfather Aaron Auryansen, above mentioned.

Mr. Auryansen received his educational training in the public schools of Harrington Township in Bergen County, and in hard work and study developed those traits which have marked his long and honorable career. As a boy he exhibited unusual mechanical genius and a strong inclination for that line of industry, and leaving school at the age of seventeen began to learn the trade of blacksmith. In 1843 he engaged in this business for himself and followed it with great success for eight years, leaving it in 1851 to accept a position as fireman on the Erie Railroad. In 1852 he was promoted to locomotive engineer, and in this capacity has ever since been in active service. He is one of the oldest and best known engineers on the Erie system, his career on that road covering a period of forty-eight years. His profession has always been of a nature which precluded his entrance into public and political life, yet he has from the first taken a deep interest in local matters, and in Hackensack, here he has so long resided, he has exerted no small influence upon the general welfare. As a member of the Dutch Reformed Church he has been active in the support of those movements which benefit a town and its people. He is a loyal, public spirited citizen, a firm friend, and a man of unswerving integrity.

Mr. Auryansen married Cornelia Haring, whose ancestors were also early residents of Bergen County. They have four children: John, Maria, Ellen, and Eliza.

Source: Harvey, Cornelius Burnham, Editor; Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, New York: The New Jersey Genealogical Publishing Company, 1900.

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