Genealogical history of Hudson and Bergen counties, New Jersey

Biography of David Demarest of Bergen County

David Demarest is another of the lineal descendants of David des Marest and his wife, Maria Sohier, who came to American in 1662. The emigrant had a great-grandson, David Demarest, who resided at Schraalenburgh more than a hundred years ago. This last named David had several children, one of whom was James D. Demarest (6), born at Schraalenburgh March 2, 1763, died there April 28, 1830. His wife Rachel, born July 28, 1768, died April 26, 1828. James D. was a farmer residing at Schraalenburgh. One of his several children was Abraham J. Demarest (7), who married Rachel Blawvelt, daughter of David Blawvelt. They lived at Schraalenburgh. Both of them have been dead several years. Among their children was David Demarest.

David Demarest (8), the subject of this sketch, was born at Schraalenburgh (now Dumont) February 1, 1832. He owns and resides on part of the farm which his French ancestor owned two hundred and twenty-three years ago. This tract has passed from father to son in an unbroken line for more than two centuries. In a barn on the premises is a beam which was first used in a barn on the same farm in 1721. Mr. Demarest was educated in the public schools of the county. At the age of seventeen he ceased studying books and took charge of the old family homestead, which he has ever since conducted. During the War of the Rebellion he served nine months as a private in the Twenty-second Regiment New Jersey Volunteers, being honorably discharged at the end of his term of enlistment. Mr. Demarest is regarded as one of the best and most substantial farmers in Bergen County, where he has spent his entire life. He is deeply objects, prominently identified with the welfare of the community, and thoroughly alive in the needs of his fellow citizens. As a member of the North Reformed Church of Schraalenburgh he has been influential in promoting various moral and intellectual movements which have contributed materially to the general welfare.

In early life Mr. Demarest married Christina de Baun, who died May 11, 1895. They were the parents of five children-four daughters and a son-of the ninth generation.

Source: Harvey, Cornelius Burnham, Editor; Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, New York: The New Jersey Genealogical Publishing Company, 1900.

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