Genealogical history of Hudson and Bergen counties, New Jersey

Genealogy of John M. Bogert of Bergen County

John M. Bogert is descended from the same common ancestor as Matthew J. Bogert, whose genealogy has been given. Peter M. Bogert, of the fourth generation from Jan Louwe Bougaerdt and son of Matthew P. Bogert (3d gen.), was born at Closter, April 12, 1736, died there 1809, married November 22, 1769, Rachel Banta, born 1740. He was a plain farmer and resided near Closter on part of the lands which his father had bought. He also purchased other lands adjoining them. His children of the firth generation were Margaret, Mary Ann, Matthew P., Seba, Sophia, Samuel, and Margaret. His uncle, Peter Bogert, resided and was one of the earliest settlers west of the Hackensack in Washington township. He was born west of the Hackensack in Washington Township. He was born in 1765 and died in 1786. He was a man of wealth, a Judge of the Bergen County Common Pleas, and held many other offices.

Seba Bogert (5th gen.), born at Closter, March 25, 1774, died April 27, 1846, married Sarah Blackledge, born May 20, 1776, died December 20, 1811. Seba was a farmer and resided all his days at Closter. His children of the sixth generation were Peter S., Benjamin S., Matthew S., Samuel S., Henry S., Jacob S., Peter S., and Rachel.

Matthew S. Bogert (5th gen.), born at Closter, April 9, 1799, died October 23, 1874, married January 31, 1824, Maria Kipp, who died March 2, 1833. He married (2) November 13, 1833, Margaret Christie, widow, born October 27, 1794, died September 18, 1874. Matthew S. Bogert was a farmer, but was active in township affairs. His children of the seventh generation were Seba M. (now a Wall Street broker), Eliza, Sally, Catharine, David (a soldier in the Union army who died in the service), John M., and Samuel M., who served as a Union soldier and died April 5, 1871.

John M. Bogert (7), the subject of this sketch, was born at Closter, N. J., August 6, 1839. He was reared on his father’s farm, where he imbibed a great liking for horses, which he still entertains. His business is farming and training horses for speed. He married June 5, 1858, Jane Bogert, a daughter of John J. Bogert, born August 26, 1839. Upon his father’s death he succeeded to the ownership of the old homestead at Closter, where he now resides. They have had seven children of the eighth generation, to wit: Margaret (died), David, Clark, Morton, Emma (died), Mabel (died), and Elmer.

David Bogert (8th gen.) married in 1885 and has issue four children of the ninth generation, and Morton has one child.

Source: Harvey, Cornelius Burnham, Editor; Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, New York: The New Jersey Genealogical Publishing Company, 1900.

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