Genealogy of Charles E. Voorhis of Bergen County

Charles E. Voorhis is a descendant in the eighth generation from Steven Coerts Van Voorhees, the first American ancestor of the family in America, whose pedigree has been written in the sketch on page 83 [John J. Voorhees]. One of Steven’s children, Albert Stevens Voorhees (2), emigrated with his father to America in 1660, and located with the rest of his family at Flatlands, Long Island, where he married (1) Barentie Williamse, (2) Tjelletje Wizzelpenning, and (3) Elina Vander Scheur. He was living at Flatlands as late as 1683, as the assessment roll then shows. He removed with his family, in 1686, to Hackensack, where he purchased from Captain John Berry a large farm extending from the Hackensack to the Saddle River. He joined the church in 1686, and subsequently became an officer in it. His children of the third generation were Cornelia, Stephen, Stephen, Jannetje, Margrietie, Lucas, Rachel, Feumietje, Albert, William, Peter, Isaac, Willempie, John, and James.

Of these Lucas Allerts Voorhis (3) married, September 2, 1726, Ann Kipp. They resided at Hackensack. Their children of the fourth generation were Ann, Henry, Lena, Elizabeth, Margrietie, Nicholas, Catharine, Isaac, and Jacob. Of these, Nicholas (4) married Jannetje Ackerman and had issue Albert N., Ann, Lucas, Henry, and Jannetje.

Albert N. Voorhis (5) was born in 1767. He was a farmer and resided at Schraalenburgh. He married, December 10, 1791, Grietie Demarest, who died in 18654, leaving several children of the sixth generation.

Of these children of the sixth generation Henry A. L. Voorhis (6), who was born September 26, 1792, married Levina Blawvelt, born September 14, 1792, and died July 15, 1872. He was a farmer and resided near Demarest, New Jersey, on part of the farm formerly belonging to John Peack. Among his children of the seventh generation were Elizabeth, Maria, Margaret, Henry D., David H., Nicholas H., and John.

Nicholas H. Voorhis (7) married Caroline, daughter of Peter B. Westervelt, of Cresskill, New Jersey. He resided at Cresskill until his death.

Charles E. Voorhis (8), son of Nicholas H. and the subject of this sketch, was born at Cresskill, Bergen County, New Jersey, September 11, 1856, and was educated in the public schools of his native town. He left school when seventeen years of age and began his business career in the grocery trade, in which he remained for ten years. At the end of that time he engaged with the firm of Peter Henderson & Company, the famous New York City firm of seedsmen and florists. He has continued with this house to the present time. He is a member of the Dutch Reformed Church.

Mr. Voorhis married Ruth Richardson and has four children: Edward, aged thirteen; Henry, aged eleven; Raymond, aged nine; and Clarence, aged seven.

Source: Harvey, Cornelius Burnham, Editor; Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, New York: The New Jersey Genealogical Publishing Company, 1900.

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