Genealogical history of Hudson and Bergen counties, New Jersey

Genealogy of John T. Haring of Bergen County

John T. Haring’s ancestors, for many generations, have resided at Old Tappan. He is descended in the eighth generation from Jan Pietersen Haring, the emigrant from Hoorn, Holland, for an account of whom, and of his children, see Genealogy of Garrett A. Haring. His line of descent as far as the fourth generation is identical.

John Cozine Haring, of the fourth generation, born November 24, 1693, and his wife, Aeltie Van Dolsen, born in April, 1696, had issue of the fifth generation eight children, of whom one was Frederick J. Haring (5).

Frederick Johns Haring (5), born December 7, 1729, died March 6, 1807, married (1 April 30, 1752, Rachel Abrams Haring, born May 13, 1732, died August 27, 1795. He married (2), November 14, 1796, Ann de Clark (widow of Peter Perry), born July 7, 1841, died September 18, 1816. Frederick’s children (of the sixth generation) by Rachel Abrams Haring were ten: Aeltie, Abram F., Dirkie, John F., Garret F., Harman, Rachel, Margaretta, Maria, and Abram B.

John Fredericks Haring (6), born June 15, 1760, died August 10, 1836, married, in November, 1781, Jemima, daughter of Tunis Blawvelt, born November 25, 1779, died January 27, 1859. Their issue of the seventh generation were two: Frederick J. and Tunis J.

Tunis J. Haring (7) was born at Tappan, September 17, 1787, died there October 18, 1881, married (1), October 7, 1806, Elizabeth Perry (daughter of Peter Perry), born March 23, 1784, died November 13, 1858. He married (2), November 22, 1859, Lea Demarest (widow of John R. Blawvelt), born February 3, 1785, died August 6, 1872. Tunis (7) by his first wife had issue of the eighth generation Abram B., Jane, Peter T., and John T., that last named of whom is the subject of this sketch.

John T. Haring (8) was born in Harrington Township, Bergen County, May 16, 1822, and received his education in the local schools. He left school at the age of fifteen and went to work on his father’s farm, where he has ever since remained, never having engaged in any other business.

He is not only one of the leading farmers of Bergen County, but has also taken an active part in public affairs, and served three years as a Freeholder and three years as Township Collector. He is a member of the Reformed Church, a public spirited citizen, and highly respected and esteemed.

Mr. Haring married Rachel Blawvelt and has three children: Tunis J., of Hackensack; Richard B.; and Elizabeth P., of Sparkill, N. Y. They reside at Old Tappan, Bergen County.

Source: Harvey, Cornelius Burnham, Editor; Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, New York: The New Jersey Genealogical Publishing Company, 1900.

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