Hudson County New Jersey Genealogy

At the turn of the 20th century Cornelius Burnham Harvey edited a large volume of work title the Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey. This monumental work tried to present a collective work for the two counties whose earl records were strewn all across New York and New Jersey. For purpose of New Jersey Genealogy I have transcribed the genealogy section of the manuscript separating the biographies from the genealogies and separating the families of Hudson from Bergen county, so as to make a more specific and searchable work, since the manuscript was not indexed.

Early Hudson County New Jersey Settlers

Governor Hunter, in response to the petition of Bergen county settlers, in 1714, procured a new charter for the town and corporation, known as “The Queen Anne Charter.” The power given by this charter had little or no effect in putting a stop to encroachments upon, and disputes between, the settlers about the common lands. Thus matters continued until 1743, when another effort was made by the setttlers to protect their rights in the common lands. An agreement was made, dated June the 16th, of that year, providing for a survey of the common lands and a determination of how much of the same had been lawfully taken up, used, or claimed, and by whom. For some reason this agreement was not carried out, and matters continued to grow worse until December 7, 1763, when the settlers appealed to the legislature for relief. That body passed a bill, which was approved by Governor Franklin, appointing commissioners to survey, map, and divide the common lands of Bergen among the persons entitled thereto. These commissioners, seven in number, made the survey and division and filed their report and maps on the 2d day of March, 1765, in the secretary’s office at Perth Amboy, copies of which report and maps are also filed in the offices of the clerks of both Hudson and Bergen Counties.

In the division made by the commissioners the common lands were apportioned among the patentees, hereinbefore named, and their descendants, as well as among the following named persons: Michael de Mott, George de Mott, Gerebrand Claesen, Joseph Waldron, Dirk Van Vechten, James Collerd, Thomas Brown, Andries Seagaerd, Dirk Cadmus, Zackariah Sickels, Job Smith, Daniel Smith, Joseph Hawkins, John Halmeghs, Philip French, Ide Cornelius Sip, Herman Beeder, Nicholas Preyer, Sir Peter Warren, Anthony White, Michael Abraham Van Tayl, Walter Clendenny, John Cummings, David Latourette, John Van Dolsen.

Several other families, namely, those of Day, de Grauw, de Groot, Hessels, Hopper, Banta, Huysman, Van Giesen, Earle, Franzen, Morris, and Swaen, had become residents of the county without having lands granted them. It may therefore be safely said that the families above named constituted nearly all of the original settlers of Hudson County east of the Hackensack River. The westerly portion of the county was included in the purchase by Captain William Sandford from the parish of St. Mary’s in the Island of Barbadoes. Governor Carteret and council granted this tract to Sandford, July 4, 1668. It contained within its boundaries an area of 15,308 acres, extended from the point of union of the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers about seven miles northward along said rivers, to a spring now known as the Boiling Springs, or Sandford Spring, near Rutherford. This purchase was made by Sandford for himself and Major Nathaniel Kingsland, also from the Island of Barbadoes, and the same was subsequently divided between Sandford and Kingsland. Kingsland, who became the owner of the northern part (including part of the present Bergen County), resided at what is now known as “Kingsland Manor,” south of Rutherford, in Bergen County, while Sandford, who became the owner of the southerly part, resided at what is now East Newark, in Hudson County. Much of this large section of territory remained vested in the respective descendants of Sandford and Kingsland for many years after their deaths.

Hudson County New Jersey Biographies

Hudson County New Jersey Genealogies

Source: Harvey, Cornelius Burnham, Editor; Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, New York: The New Jersey Genealogical Publishing Company, 1900.

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