The Peack Family of Bergen County

John Peeck (as he spelled it), the common ancestor of the Pake and Peak families of Bergen County, still quite numerous, was of English parentage, but whether he came to New Amsterdam from Holland or England does not appear. He must have come over in 1640 or 1650, for his marriage to Maria Vlockers (widow) is recorded in the New Amsterdam church records as of February 20, 1650. This entry, unlike most of the other entries, contains no reference to the place of his nativity. As the name Peeck does not appear in any of the New York or New Jersey records prior to this, he must have been the first of the name in New Netherlands at least. The couple lived in New York, where he died in 1659. His children were at least four: Ann, 1651; John, 1653; Jacobus, 1656; and Maria, 1658.

John Peeck married in New York, July 18, 1683, Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Gysbert Van Emburgh, the American ancestor of all the Van Emburghs of Bergen County. Dr. Van Emburgh was from Amsterdam, and began as a shopkeeper and book-vender in New Amsterdam, but went from there to Albany to reside. From there he removed to Kingston, where he practiced medicine successfully, and was scheppen from 1663 to his death in 1665. His son, John, was a physician, and married a daughter of William Sandford, of Bergen County. He bought considerable land in Bergen County, where he eventually settled.

John Peeck had eight children by his wife, Elizabeth Van Emburgh, all of whom settled in Bergen County, principally in the localities called Schraalenburgh and Kinderkamack, where his descendants still flourish.

Source: Harvey, Cornelius Burnham, Editor; Genealogical History of Hudson and Bergen Counties, New Jersey, New York: The New Jersey Genealogical Publishing Company, 1900.

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