Bible Record of George Maines Jr.

This Family Bible in 1933 is in possession of George Warren Maines youngest of the children of George Maines by his second wife Emma Stokes Lloyd. The record is brief and refers only to the children of his first wife Rachel Reed. George Maines Jr. resided with his wife in Chester, New Jersey in 1860. The volume is in a dilapidated condition and coverless. The title page bears the date 1854 and calls the book “Hardings Fine Edition” published in Philadelphia by Jasper Harding. In the first column is a list of the family names including the names of the second wife:

  • George Maines Jr
  • Rachel Maines
  • Emma Maines
  • William R. Maines
  • Sarah K. Maines
  • Anna Lee Maines
  • Lloyd N. Maines
  • Elmer Maines

These names written on extra paper has been pasted in the book over a previously recorded insertion. The follows

  • George Maines, Jr was born Sept. 26th 1829
  • Rachel Maines was born Oct. 21st. 1830
  • Sarah K. Maines was born May 15th 1856
  • William R. Maines was born Apr. 21st 1857
  • Anna Lee Maines was born Oct. 25th 1862

The dates of the births of Emma second wife of George Maines and of Lloyd N. and Elmer her oldest two sons are not recorded. The third son George Warren Maines born fourteen years after Elmer’s birth is not mentioned. Emma S. Maines the second wife was sensitive concerning revealing to others the date of her birth which may account for the omissions.

  • Sarah K. Maines Died May 29th 1857
  • Anna L. Maines Died July 14, 1863
  • Rachel Maines Died Feb. 22nd 1864

Source: Daughters of the American Colonists, William Penn Chapter; Collection of Bible records from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Self published, [Philadelphia], 1958.

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